‘TOGETHER’ is a two-year project that derives from the need to create the bonds, establish the appropriate awareness, and promote the common values vis-a-vis the intercultural dialogue between the EU and the neighbouring countries. 

It mainly seeks to empower all sectors in society through building bridges between people, reinforcing mutual understanding, and boosting economic and social development to enable Europe and its neighbours face the common challenges, and achieve social cohesion and sustainability.

‘TOGETHER’ targets a wide range of entities such as: the public authorities, local communities, cultural groups and associations, NGOS, CSOs, as well as private & public key-players operating in the cultural field.

The Consortium is comprised of: CulturePolis – Greece, A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development LTD (IED) – Cyprus, Eworx Ypiresies Ilektronikou Epicheirein Anonymos Etaireia (EWORX) – Greece, Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale (FPD) – Italy, Georgian Arts & Culture Center (GACC) – Georgia and the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) – Lebanon.