The Ambassadors Curriculum is the core output of the project and describes the educational process i.e. the series of actions and steps that the end user will follow in order to meet the educational scope of the project. In particular, IO2 is dedicated to fulfill the need of an innovative educational approach, which attempts to integrate in the local communities’ context the cultural, social and developmental dimensions of intercultural dialogue. In doing so, it boosts the professional development of local actors and especially representatives of local communities and decision making organizations, empowering them to become future ambassadors, transferring in turn relative knowledge and experience. More specifically, the IO2 offers them attractive ICT-enabled educational material & new pedagogical approaches, emphasizing on the potentials of cross-cultural understanding for sustainable development; stimulating interest for the universal values of EU cultural heritage and highlighting the necessity of intercultural competences in the modern, globalized and pluralistic society of the 21st century.