Talking about the interconnection of intercultural dialogue and sustainable development, it means the open and respectful exchange of views between people and groups belonging to different cultures, in order to seek and re-invent more creative ways to live and develop together in well-being. The involvement of society members is the big issue in this process, bringing to the forefront questions such as:

  • How can we link intercultural dialogue with sustainable development of local communities?
  • How can we empower local actors and local communities’ representatives by broadening intercultural skills & competences?

The TOGETHER project answers these fundamental questions through the Ambassadors Curriculum:

The Ambassadors Curriculum is an educational programme which targets local actors and especially representatives of local communities and decision making organizations, in order to raise their awareness for the understanding of the “other”. Having been motivated and empowered with all the necessary knowledge and skills, local actors and decision makers will become the future ambassadors of intercultural dialogue, transferring in their turn relative knowledge and experience in their public and embedding intercultural dialogue processes in the cultural agendas of their communities.

The TOGETHER partners worked collaboratively for the Ambassadors Curriculum from February 2021 to July 2021. Being the second intellectual output of their project, it was designed thoroughly as an attractive training package with ICT-enabled educational material & new pedagogical approaches, emphasizing on the potentials of cross-cultural understanding for sustainable development; stimulating interest for the universal values of EU cultural heritage and highlighting the necessity of intercultural competences in the modern, globalized and pluralistic society of the 21st century.