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Sometimes doing a change is good, because that means that we, as citizens, want to bring a contribution and to improve the connection among people.


Have you ever wondered how can we raise awareness on Intercultural Dialogue and apply it in different context? Well, TOGETHER project comes with two more Intellectual Outputs that are available in the virtual. 
The TOGETHER e-toolbox and the Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook will provide the essential context and assistance to potential local community actors-users for exploiting TOGETHER products, tools, and materials in the best possible way. 

IO3 – TOGETHER e-Toolbox

TOGETHER e-Toolbox, realized by EWORX (Greece) is the product that represents the act of pursuing the same objective by using the power of digital technology: to create and share an e-learning process that can be followed by anyone who influences the mindset and attitude of the local communities. This e-Toolbox gives the detailed profile of an intercultural process that has started and that needs its progression through human action.
The 3 internet-based elements of the TOGETHER e-toolbox are:

  1. The E-LEARNING PLATFORM where you, as a user and future ICD Ambassador can explore the second output, called the Ambassadors Curriculum. 
  2. The WEBSITE that brings more information about the TOGETHER project, its goals, partners, activities and news, articles, publications, infographics, and quotes are all there, promoting cultural exchange, diversity and the dialogue between people of different backgrounds!
  3. The WEB APP, which allows users to stay connected, and experience the TOGETHER e-toolbox in a more interactive interface through their mobile phone. 

IO4- The Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook

The guidebook can be defined as a big container where everything has been put together and now is ready to be used by anyone in the best way, fulfilling the principle of understanding. Commitment and willpower of each partner are the principles at the basis of this output that contains all the previous IOs and desires to be the launching pad for a real intercultural world.
The idea of this output is to give an opportunity to everyone to project their actions through a detailed and clear guidebook that gives support and strength to their intercultural commitment. This tool has to arrive in everybody’s hands because where there are words that support a dream, human action will make it real.
The Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook contains all the intercultural knowledge acquired during the creation of the TOGETHER project; it contains all the study cases, experiences, and activities that were collected in order to compose an easy to access series of guidelines. More specifically, it will show the path to the project’s target group (Local actors and practitioners, representatives of local alliances, cultural associations, and federations, leaders of NGOs and CSOs, professionals of cultural and social centers, networks, and stakeholders from the cultural and creative industry) on how to integrate the TOGETHER training package into their activities; and how to use it as an educational component, in alignment with their local communities potential and needs. This practical and hands-on knowledge will also give food for thought to policy authorities and policymakers, leaders of local authorities, representatives of local and national governments, and EU experts about the establishment of a bottom-to-up process in policy and decision-making, concerning the promotion and integration of intercultural dialogue in people’s life. The Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook is accessible through the TOGETHER online platform and a digital interactive e-book format.

IO4 - Cover

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