The Multiplier Event in Beirut took place on the 30th of July 2022 and was conducted under the organization of the Lebanese Development Network - LDN.

The president of LDN Amin Nehme inaugurated the event with a welcome note followed by a round-up about the organization. Project Manager at CulturePolis Xanthippi Kontogianni provided a presentation about the Project, its objectives as well as the impact it has on the target communities. In her intervention, Senior Researcher Dr. Guita Hourani presented a summary of the results collected through the local Comparative Analysis of the First Intellectual Output: Intercultural Dialogue in Lebanon. Project Coordinator at LDN Rita Nassif demonstrated the content of the Second Intellectual Output related to the Ambassadors’ Curriculum in addition to the Fourth Intellectual Output which deals with the Dialogue Guidebook. In turn, the Communication Coordinator and Social Media Expert at LDN Antoinette Moubarak showcased through a short video the E-learning Platform and the procedure on how to subscribe to the official project website, followed by a special Promotional Video about the Project. Special guest Yasmine Dagher from Beirut Heritage Initiative concluded the program with a presentation entitled Culture and Heritage in Lebanon: Challenges and Achievements.

A total of 30 participants attended the event, 28 in person and 2 online. As a result of the Multiplier Event in Lebanon, LDN produced a very nice short video: